Anyone for Tennis?

I’m really pleased for Ken that despite the failure of various Connect businesses of his, that he doesn’t have to ensure any financial hardships – unlike the people who trusted him and ended up losing loads of money.

To prove this, Ken can be spotted in fine form at his local tennis club here. Nice to know he can still afford the price of a game, isn’t it?

He’s the third one from the left in the Opel t-shirt…starting to look at bit like that guy off the Shawshank redemption perhaps?

What Connection Connects Connekt with Connect?

Of course, moving assets and changing names of businesses is a time-consuming business, but when you have a lot of experience in this area, it must become mundane and commonplace.

Ken Lynge Primby’s latest ruse is to rename his new Enkeltsfirma, hitherto known as “Connekt v/ Ken Lynge Primby”, to “Connect v/ Ken Lynge Primby”, so yet again the Connect Connection comes to the fore. Is that just something he thought of, or was it the plan all along?

Connekt-ing through the ages

Thanks to the magnificent Web Archive site, we can get even more of an insight into the past history of Ken Lynge Primby and Connect/Connekt.

Way back in 1999, Connect looked like this. First thing to note is that the address is Connect – Klamsagervej 14 – DK-8230 Åbyhøj. But the telephone number is still in use today, as is the domain name itself. So was the company an Enkeltsfirma back then, or some other lost Aps that never traded and was dissolved by a “friendly” liquidator?

By 2001, the site has progressed to the site we all know so well. It is unknown if the original developer ever got paid for it or whether he became a creditor of the Connect incarnation of the period. Note the reference to “Connect Resource Agency”, though. Still, he’s now at the Soren Frichs vej 38 address most of us will recognise.

By early 2008, Ken was obviously too busy to keep his site updated, and it was transfered back to Dandomain (is the other host company another creditor?). Later on, he managed to bring it back up, although if you fiddle around with it now you’ll find quite a few missing links.

Interesting to note that at no time is a CVR number visible, which is illegal. Who do I report it to?

Another business bites the dust

As time goes on, it is inevitable that more stories about Ken Lynge Primby and Connect appear and, with the power of the internet, the information tends to become readily available these days.

So, interesting to see more on this subject from someone else who has lost a load of cash through his dealings here

Well, I wonder who the mysterious “business partner” could be? Does he mean Annette Norgaard, the sleeping partner of Connect last time round? And during the entire time I had a business relationship with Connect, the only person I ever spoke to was Ken Lynge Primby himself.

Also, as for none of the creditors losing any money……….

Connekt (sic) is in Business

I have every admiration for Ken Primby’s dexterous and swift ability to switch between businesses like a chameleon, unfettered by the normal decencies of respect for the people he leaves by the wayside, often heavily in debt and with families to support.

Checking his latest link out here, Connekt v/ Ken Lynge Primby is listed as being in business at the new Banegadespladsen address in Århus. Looking at this leaves little clue of the mass destruction he leaves behind him. The main thing I have issue with, aside from the fact he is still alive, is that he lists the business as trading since 1998. Well, Ken himself may have been trading since 1998, but Connekt v/ Ken Lynge Primby has only been in business since October 2007, when his previous Connect business was put into liquidation, and the previous Connect business before that suffered the same fate in 2004 – if anyone can help with the tangled web of what happened between 1998 and 2004, I’d be very interested to know.

Ken Primby has had plenty of years of practice of tvangopsløsning and how to avoid it. He was a director of Holmann and Nørby way back in 1991, and you can guess how that business went…..

Musical Addresses on DK-Hostmaster

You might remember me mentioning that it is possible to check the ownership of all domains using Back in February, the domain, Ken Primby’s main asset and front for his various Connect enterprises, started out looking like it was going to expire, and remained registered to the old Connect address at 38c Søren frichs Vej, Åbyhøj, Århus. Just before expiration, he renewed, and transfered the renewal to his home address, 13 Borgbjergalle, Odder. Recently, it seems he has moved the ownership address again, funnily enough, to the new Connect business address, Banegårdspladsen 20,1 th, Århus, which was also, strangely enough, the address shown on my final contract, purportedly with Connect Resorce Agency. You can see the record for yourself here.

If anyone is maintaining this site for him, or hosting the domain, you might want to check his track record on this blog, to ascertain whether you can expect all your fees to be paid on time. I make no accusation that Ken won’t pay, but being aware of his past record is a useful thing indeed. Or “For Sure”, as the man himself would say.