Musical Addresses on DK-Hostmaster

You might remember me mentioning that it is possible to check the ownership of all domains using Back in February, the domain, Ken Primby’s main asset and front for his various Connect enterprises, started out looking like it was going to expire, and remained registered to the old Connect address at 38c Søren frichs Vej, Åbyhøj, Århus. Just before expiration, he renewed, and transfered the renewal to his home address, 13 Borgbjergalle, Odder. Recently, it seems he has moved the ownership address again, funnily enough, to the new Connect business address, Banegårdspladsen 20,1 th, Århus, which was also, strangely enough, the address shown on my final contract, purportedly with Connect Resorce Agency. You can see the record for yourself here.

If anyone is maintaining this site for him, or hosting the domain, you might want to check his track record on this blog, to ascertain whether you can expect all your fees to be paid on time. I make no accusation that Ken won’t pay, but being aware of his past record is a useful thing indeed. Or “For Sure”, as the man himself would say.