2 thoughts on “More Connect and Ken Primby Links”

  1. I was hired by Ken Primby i oktober 2007 but was´only paid by him once. It turned out however that I was hired AFTER the company was put into liqvidation (tvangsopløsning). If that is not a criminal offence it is at least a difficult moral dilemma.
    If anyone is up to it I think we should report him to the police. Do anyone know if this has been done allready?

  2. Me too. He signed a renewed contract with me starting Oct 1st. What I think the plan was, was to leave the unpaid tax debts with the old company and for us to switch to the latest reincarnation of Connect.

    Nobody I spoke to cares much. I’m sure he knows this and that’s why he gets away with it.

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