Another business bites the dust

As time goes on, it is inevitable that more stories about Ken Lynge Primby and Connect appear and, with the power of the internet, the information tends to become readily available these days.

So, interesting to see more on this subject from someone else who has lost a load of cash through his dealings here

Well, I wonder who the mysterious “business partner” could be? Does he mean Annette Norgaard, the sleeping partner of Connect last time round? And during the entire time I had a business relationship with Connect, the only person I ever spoke to was Ken Lynge Primby himself.

Also, as for none of the creditors losing any money……….

Primby Kursus Og Rådgivningscenter

Years ago, there was a business called “Primby Kursus Og Rådgivningscenter“, based at Borgbjergalle 13, Odder. Despite this business being closed down, I noticed I was still paid by Connect Resource Agency via an account with the name “Primby Kursus Og Rådgivningscenter“.

How strange then, that this business appears in the business directory, but the CVR number tracks back to Connekt, Ken Lynge Primby’s latest creation?

CVR Report on Ken Primby, Annette Nørgaard and Connect

Ken Primby’s full CVR report of his history in the world of business is available here. note that officially he has nothing to do with latest incarnation, Connect Resource Agency, so just in case you’re wondering about Annette Nørgaard’s part in all this, you can check the CVR Report for Annette Nørgaard out here. Ken Primby was however my main contact at Connect Resorce Agency.

As for the businesses,

Connect Resorce Agency CVR Report is here.
CRA Holding, the parent company of Connect Resorce Agency, is available here.

What to do in your spare time

It’s tough, tiring work, opening and closing businesses, but luckily one still finds time to explore ones spiritual side, at

Not only that, but at this years AGM, back in April 2007, about the time Connect Resorce Agency and CRA Holding were being put into konkurs, a familiar name was voted in as the new accountant.

News creeps out about Ken Primby from last time

Well, someone hit by the tvangsopløsning of Connect Rekruttering, in 2004, got in touch to say he’s still owed a load of cash, and that Ken Lynge Primby pays a bit back every now and then, through the judgement against his house.

The obviously means that last time, all the contractors did not get their money in full.

I am also free to state this, since it is a provable judgement on the records against the house at Borgbjergalle 13, Odder.

A bit more on Ken Lynge Primby and Connect

A bit more information follows on the Connect Agency in Tvangsopløsning. I have also got plenty of stories and rumour, but what follows is free information, provable from sources such as (The danish central companies register).

In August 2005, as Connect IT Rekruttering CVR Number on 25201604 slipped into konkurs (Liquidation), 2 new Connect companies were opened by Ken Lynge Primby and Annette Ladefoged Nørgaard, both of Borgbjergalle 13, Odder. The first was CRA Holding ApS CVR Number 28976356, described as an investment business whose main business would be investing in the shares of other businesses – main Director was Annette Nørgaard. The second was Connect Resorce Agency ApS CVR No. 28976496, 100% owned and funded by CRA Holding. Note that Ken Lynge Primby, my sole contact during my time working at the Agency has no legal role in either company.

In May 2007, with the first set of accounts overdue, CRA Holdings is put into closedown /Tvangsopløsning state, and a certain Mr Ken Lynge Primby is appointed liquidator by Annette Ladefoged Nørgaard – nice move Annette!

Ken then files for closedown that the company has no assets. Interesting! Myself and at least 5 other contractors are working for them, but it has no assets? Hmmm….