renewed just in time

well, Ken Primby may have waited several months to renew, but he did so with Dandomain, in late March 2008, just before the time was up.

Interestingly, at the same time, the domain changed address from Søren Frichsvej 38c, the address for connect Resorce Agency, just gone into konkurs, and Borgbjergalle 13, Odder, Ken Primby’s home address.

Considering that a generic domain like will have a lot of value, it is interesting that it was switched like that and is now separated out from the assets of the business. Be interesting to see if the liquidators can find out who paid the renewal fees back in 2004/05 and ascertain whether it’s a company asset or does indeed belong to Mr Primby himself.

CVR Report on Ken Primby, Annette Nørgaard and Connect

Ken Primby’s full CVR report of his history in the world of business is available here. note that officially he has nothing to do with latest incarnation, Connect Resource Agency, so just in case you’re wondering about Annette Nørgaard’s part in all this, you can check the CVR Report for Annette Nørgaard out here. Ken Primby was however my main contact at Connect Resorce Agency.

As for the businesses,

Connect Resorce Agency CVR Report is here.
CRA Holding, the parent company of Connect Resorce Agency, is available here.

What to do in your spare time

It’s tough, tiring work, opening and closing businesses, but luckily one still finds time to explore ones spiritual side, at

Not only that, but at this years AGM, back in April 2007, about the time Connect Resorce Agency and CRA Holding were being put into konkurs, a familiar name was voted in as the new accountant.

What to spend Primby money on : Part 2

Right, when not opening a closing a number of businesses in Denmark, how about a relaxing trip to the world’s financial capital, London?

Better still, how about one with a bit of London street-cred, Ah, that’ll be the Sherlock Holmes, hotel, London then. So nice in fact, that a familiar name then makes a recommendation that gets published on their website?

The recommendation even has a trademark “for sure” on the end of it, so anyone with dealings knows who it is, “for sure“.

Please can Sherlock pop over to Denmark and work out where the money from Connect Resorce Agency has gone, because the Danish tax office or police seem to be struggling to find it.

News creeps out about Ken Primby from last time

Well, someone hit by the tvangsopløsning of Connect Rekruttering, in 2004, got in touch to say he’s still owed a load of cash, and that Ken Lynge Primby pays a bit back every now and then, through the judgement against his house.

The obviously means that last time, all the contractors did not get their money in full.

I am also free to state this, since it is a provable judgement on the records against the house at Borgbjergalle 13, Odder.