Emperor Nero, Fiddling while Rome Burns

According to dictionary.com :-




a musical instrument of the viol family.

British Informal. to cheat.
verb (used with object), fiddled, fiddling.


British Informal.

  1. to falsify:
    to fiddle the account books.
  2. to cheat:
    to fiddle the company out of expense money.

Whereas Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned, it seems the Managing Director of FuelFactory Aps, Ken Lynge Primby has been busily fiddling (through holidays only, of course) while the business crashed and burned.  The Parent company of FuelFactory Aps, Inovate Aps also collapsed into Tvansopløsning at the same time.

According to TripAdvisor, the former “KonkursRytter” (Computerworld.dk‘s definition, not this website’s) has..for sure..been on a few trips lately.  Berlin, London, Las Vegas…..it’s a shame no-one was watching FuelFactory Aps better, just like Connect Resorce Agency back in 2007 and other businesses before that.

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