New Accounts published for FuelFactory Aps

It is with trepidation that we finally have the chance to check how Vita Holmann Storborg’s first foray as a pensionist into the tough world of IT consultancy is going.

We can do this by reading the free accounts here : Accounts for FuelFactory Aps

First conclusion to draw from this is that officially the company has not done much.  In fact, with all those zeroes for income and expenses, it officially hasn’t been involved in any trading activity.  Poor Vita!  I hope next year offers better opportunities.

The second thing to note is that there was 45,000 krone in expenses.  I guess this could be expected for accountancy fees etc, but luckily Vita has managed to minimise those by appointing her multi-talented son, Ken Lynge Primby to be the “Dirigent”.

In summary, poor Vita Holmann Storborg.  Unless her new business can start generating an income then at current burn rate it only has about 9 months left.

FuelFactory Aps also trades under the following other trading names : BILLIGBRILLER.DK ApS, HABITTEN.DK ApS, OPENERPDANMARK ApS, SPEZIALIZED ApS.  Maybe since the last accounts were signed off in 2014, it has?  If you have any dealings with any of these companies it might be worth you relating your experiences here.

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